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I spent the entire night unable to fall asleep, going over everything that had happened a mere few hours ago.
Naruto-kun came to see me!
I lay in bed hugging my pillow, hiding my face against it, unable to believe the things he said.
Naruto-kun was in my room! He snuck in to see me!
I had fantasized so many times about it but I never thought it would actually happen. And was he about to kiss me…?
Wait…was I dreaming? Had all this been just a dream?
As the thought circled my head, I began feeling a small panic building in my chest. A sudden crinkle made me snap out of the insecurities that had filled my mind.
I looked at my hand holding tightly on the little note Naruto-kun had left behind for me. Reading it again I realized that it HADN'T been a dream, Naruto-kun really had said he liked me!
A sudden blush filled my face as I hugged my pillow even tighter, burying my face in it and making small squeaking noises out of excitement against it.
He likes me he likes me he likes me!
"Stupid Neji-niisan…" I said with a pout and a frown into my pillow.
What did I just say?!
"I-i'm sorry I'm sorry!" I whispered to myself when I realized the words that had come out of my mouth.
After spending a few minutes silently in the dark, I began asking myself what this all meant.
But…he just said he 'thinks' he might like me…
What does he mean by that…? Is he just…settling for me?
I stared blankly at the small piece of paper in my hand, I began feeling the ache I had felt earlier in my chest.
Am I just…a replacement? I mean he…didn't really ask me out on a date…
Maybe…maybe he just likes me as a friend…he did say he had been worried…I'm such a fool…
With that thought sending a painful throb to my heart, making my throat tingle uncomfortably, a knot growing inside. I began to cry silently against my pillow, my tears being absorbed by it, I could feel the damp fabric against my cheeks.
I'm so foolish…he didn't say he liked me in THAT way…
But wait…Naruto-kun did say he wished he had noticed sooner…that means he does want me to love him….right?
Why would he say that if he wanted us to be just friends?
As I went over everything Naruto-kun said in my mind, trying to remember his every word, a warm tingling feeling crept into my stomach, spreading to my chest.
He did say he became nervous around me didn't he…?
And Naruto-kun hugged me! He cried at the thought of what happened to me…it's been years since I last saw him cry…
Naruto-kun remembers we share the same nindo too!
Did he say he feels proud to be my inspiration?
"Eep!" I squeaked as a sudden rush of excitement filled my chest.
Naruto-kun called me one of the best ninja In Konoha!
As I went through Naruto-kun's words again and again in my head, my eyes started to feel heavy, my thoughts becoming cloudy.
Naruto-kun…do you…love…me?
With that final thought I fell asleep.
The following morning I was woken up by Ko-san's voice at my door. I barely got any sleep, my late night conversation with Naruto-kun had run longer than I imagined.
"Hinata-sama, excuse me, but Neji-san and you have been summoned by lady Hokage"
"Ah…y-yes, thank you Ko-san, I'll be out shortly" I replied
I got up lazily from my bed, my body feeling heavy and cramped from the few hours of sleep I managed to get. I hurriedly gathered all my ninja gear and clothing before I took a quick shower, tripping and stumbling over every little thing in my way. After getting dressed I made my way through the household, occasionally making wrong turns and bumping into walls.
I think I only slept 2 hours…
Finally reaching the entrance of the household I was met by Neji-niisan who was already waiting for me.
"Forgive my delay Neji-niisan" I said as I vowed towards him, feeling a bit dizzy from the lack of sleep.
"Let's get going Hinata-sama, Lady Hokage awaits" He answered while unfolding his arms and turning away to walk towards the Hokage mansion.
We walked quietly for a while before I noticed that Neji-niisan was staring at me as we moved along side by side.
"Are you feeling alright Hinata-sama? You seem ill" he asked as he continued looking at me.
"Y-yeah I'm fine" I answered nervously, feigning a smile so he wouldn't ask again.
Is my sleep deprivation so obvious? What if he realizes Naruto-kun was in my room last night? What if he tells father, and he forbids me from seeing Naruto-kun ever again?
Calm down Hinata, Neji-niisan didn't notice when Naruto-kun left last night. You just look very tired and pale because you didn't sleep enough.
"U-um…how are Tenten-san and Lee-san doing?" I asked in an attempt to change the subject, hoping to avoid explaining why I didn't sleep at all last night
"O-oh...they're doing fine…" Neji-niisan answered hesitantly, for reasons I knew all too well.
"How're things going with Tenten-san…?"
"They're going fine, thank you Hinata-sama…"
Neji-niisan looked away, as if trying to prevent me from seeing his face.
"…She…appreciated the flowers…"
Neji-niisan looked ahead for a moment before looking away again; I caught a glimpse of a slight blush as he turned his face away.  The thought of Neji-niisan blushing made me giggle a bit louder than I expected.
"I'm glad my suggestion helped…"  I said trying to hide my smile behind my hand as Neji tried to hide the bright blush that had grown on his cheeks.
"Ahem…we are arriving to lady Hokage's mansion…" Neji-niisan pointed out while trying to feign a cough to hide his blushing face.
We made our way to Hokage-sama's office, passing by several ninja walking briskly about.  Shizune-san rushed passed us without a word, looking the most serious I had ever seen her.
Wait…was that Naruto-kun just now?
I quickly turned around, my heart pounding away like crazy as I recognized the bright blonde locks I loved to look at for so long walking behind Neji-niisan and me.
Did he see me looking at him? Was I being too obvious…?
Me and Neji-niisan entered lady Hokage's office, where everyone else was already waiting to receive instructions. Naruto-kun looked at me and smiled while scratching the back of his head as he stood next to Kiba-kun.
I love it when he smiles like that…
Everyone stood there facing the empty chair behind Lady Hokage's desk, waiting for her arrival. Some were talking amongst themselves, but I couldn't take my eyes off Naruto-kun.
Eep! He's looking at me!
As I realized Naruto-kun was watching me, I looked away with a feint blush on my cheeks. While I held my hand over my mouth, I heard a loud yawn coming from Naruto-kun's direction.
I guess Naruto-kun didn't sleep much either…was he thinking about me too…?
As the thought crept into my mind, I raised my head to look at him. He was yawning in the most adorable way I had ever seen, a small tear escaping his eye as he did.
Naruto-kun looks so cute like that…
"Yo' Naruto, you ok man? You look terrible" Kiba-kun pointed out while staring at Naruto-kun yawn.
"Eh? Um…yeah! I'm fine! I was just too excited about having a mission so I couldn't get much sleep heh heh" Naruto-kun answered while smiling at Kiba-kun with his eyes closed.
His hair looks so scruffy; Naruto-kun is so adorable…
"Huh? What are you talking about Naruto? None of us got word of any mission before this morning."
Poor Naruto-kun got slightly nervous at Kiba-kun's questioning.
"U-um I just had a feeling we were gonna have a big mission 'ttebayo!" Naruto-kun said while pouting angrily with his eyes closed.
Oh my…I just want to hug him…again
The thought of Naruto-kun hugging me so much last night made me blush so intensely that I had to hide my face between my hands, trying to hide my smile as well.
"Hinata seems ill as well"
"Heh? Sh-shino-kun….!" I stuttered out in surprise as Kiba-kun, Shino-kun and Naruto-kun all took notice of me.
N-naruto-kun is blushing too!
"I-I feel fine…"
"You shouldn't take any missions being sick, it could endanger the lives of your comrades" Shino-kun answered completely ignoring my words.
"N-no Shino-kun I feel fine really!"
Kiba-kun got closer to me and started sniffing around me.
"Hey…come to think about it, you two smell like each other" Naruto-kun froze up as Kiba-kun turned around to look at him and sniff again.
"Huh? What are you talking about Kiba? W-we just like bumped into each other outside ok?!" Naruto-kun answered nervously scratching the back of his head again.
K-kiba-kun, Shino-kun please stop asking…!
"That is impossible; I was with Hinata-sama the whole time." Neji-niisan argued back.
Wh-why is this turning into the main topic…?!
As I watched everyone's attention shift onto us, I felt my face blush as red as ever, I could feel my knees wobbling.
"Are you really feeling ok Hinata? You seem to be a bit feverish. Want me to take a look at you?" Sakura-san offered
"N-n-no I-I'm-..." I stuttered out as I tried to control the embarrassment I was feeling.
"You smell too much like Hinata, Naruto! What've you been up to?" Kiba-kun asked as he got closer to Naruto-kun's face
Get away from Naruto-kun! ...please…
"Hey! Get away from me Kiba, you freak!" Naruto-kun tried to push Kiba-kun away
"Hehe Maybe Naruto finally got a clue and asked Hinata out!" Ino-san teased as she covered her giggling with her hand.
P-please stop everyone…!
"N-no it's not like that Ino-san!"  I was trying my hardest to keep everyone from finding out about my late night conversation with Naruto-kun, but more and more people seemed to be jumping into the conversation.
"What do you mean get a clue?!" Naruto-kun yelled out with the face I know too well to be indication of real confusion.
"Perhaps Naruto and Hinata have made love like in the book I'm reading"
"WHAT THE HELL KIND OF BOOK ARE YOU READING SAI YOU PERVERT??!!!" Naruto-kun yelled out as I could feel my body start waving back and forth.
M-make l-love with N-n-naruto-kun…!
Right before I could faint from the embarrassment, Lady Hokage walked briskly in with Shizune-san walking behind her holding a large stack of papers. Slamming her hand down on her desk as she sat down, Shizune-san jumped up and almost dropped the stack of papers.
"EVERYONE BE QUIET!" Lady Hokage yelled out, startling Shizune-san again, this time dropping all the papers.  
I think m-my heart stopped for a moment…
After Lady Hokage commanded silence, everyone fell quiet; not even daring to turn their gaze towards me or Naruto-kun, even though I knew Kiba-kun continued sniffing Naruto-kun.
I'm so glad that conversation is over…
"I have summoned you all here for a special mission assignment. As you all may or may not have heard, Akatsuki attacked the five kage summit, and declared war on the five great shinobi nations."
Most of us had heard about the war from Naruto-kun, he had explained everything that had occurred in the land of snow to all of us. Naruto-kun had heard from Kazekage-sama himself what had happened at the kage summit.
"The other kage's and I have decided to form the first joint shinobi army between the five great shinobi nations. So we will be working alongside the other hidden villages against Akatsuki. Which brings me to you Naruto; you will be receiving a special S-rank mission."
A-an s-rank mission...?
"Alright! That's what I'm talking about dattebayo!" Naruto-kun yelled out filled with glee, smiling with that bright smile of his.
Oh my Naruto-kun is so cute!
Did I just think of N-naruto-kun as MINE? As I felt myself begin to blush, Lady Hokage continued speaking.
"Yes Naruto, you are to leave for Kumogakure immediately. Go meet up with Yamato for further instructions."
A small silence grew in the room, as the rest of us awaited instructions, and Lady Hokage waited for Naruto-kun to leave. But Naruto-kun seemed troubled, as he stared at his feet with a face full of a melancholy that I rarely see in his expression.
"Granny Tsunade…will I be in the front-lines…?"
"You have your assignment Naruto, now get going." Lady Tsunade replied coldly
"I can't just let my friends go out there to die at the hands of-..!"
"NARUTO!" Lady Hokage slammed her fist against her desk, startling everyone in the room and making Naruto-kun fall silent.
"We must all fulfill our duties in this war. You have your orders, now go rendezvous with Yamato!"
"I can't let all my friends go into battle against those monsters! I have to be out there to protect them, and save Sasuke!"
"I SAID TO GET GOING NARUTO!" Lady Hokage yelled out sternly at Naruto-kun, which only made him look away in disapproval.
Naruto-kun pouted slightly and turned around with his hands in his pockets, I could tell he wasn't happy with the current situation. I wanted to comfort him so badly that I could barely stay still, biting my lip to avoid saying something out of place.
"Your mission is the most important of all Naruto…it is the key to the army's victory, only you can fulfill this mission"
Lady Hokage spoke out with her eyes closed as Naruto-kun stood before the door to leave.
"Heh! Well why didn't you say so before Granny Tsunade?" Naruto-kun smiled and opened the door excitedly, running out with that cute childish smile of his.
Immediately after Naruto-kun left, Kakashi-sensei appeared in a cloud of smoke standing in front of Lady Hokage's desk.
"Now that Naruto has left, we will explain the situation to all of you. Kakashi if you please"
"Thank you Hokage-sama."
Kakashi-sensei turned to look towards all of us, looking gravely serious.
"There is a very important part of information that we purposely left out because of Naruto. This war is being waged to protect both him and the jinchuuriki of the 8 tails."
"For security reasons we won't give details to Naruto's mission or his whereabouts. But what you all need to keep in mind is that Akatsuki is after Naruto, if they manage to get their hands on him and Bee-san all will be lost."
I gasped in shock as the words Kakashi-sensei spoke out sank in, making my throat tingle so strongly that it felt like it was burning up. My heart began to beat faster inside my chest, throbbing painfully with the sole thought of my beloved Naruto-kun falling into the hands of those people.
"What will we be doing then, Kakashi-sensei?"
Neji-niisan asked as he placed his hand on my shoulder, as if trying to reassure me.
"We will be dividing every konoha shinobi according to their specific abilities. The divisions consist of the Surprise attack division, Logistical support and medical division, intelligence division, sensor division, and the battle regiment.  Furthermore, those who are assigned to the battle regiment, will be sub divided into the first division for mid-range fighters, second division for short range fighters, third division for short to mid range fighters, fourth division for long range fighters and finally the fifth division for special fighters. I have been selected as commander of the third division, we are all part of this war, and we must work together with the other villages to achieve victory."
Everyone nodded silently, while I trembled in worry for my Naruto-kun. But I wasn't the only one that was concerned about him, everyone else seemed suddenly stressed and upset. Neji-niisan closed his eyes and clenched his fists tightly, I knew Neji-niisan. He may never say it out loud, but he cares about Naruto-kun as a friend.

"One more thing, none of you should tell Naruto about his mission; otherwise he would just rush into battle, and be inevitably captured. The details on Naruto's mission are highly classified; keeping him safe is our top priority. You should all go home and get prepared to move out, we move out early in the morning."
"Thank you Kakashi. Now if nobody has any further questions, you are all dismissed."
After lady Hokage, spoke those final words to everyone, she averted her gaze to a pile of papers on her desk, and began discussing things with Shizune-san while Tonton tried to jump onto the desk. As everyone else left the room, I walked slowly out of the room, behind everyone else.
"Hinata-sama, I will be taking my leave, I have been summoned by Guy-sensei. Will you be alright?"
"Y-yes, I'll be fine Neji-niisan…"
"Very well, I'll be on my way Hinata-sama"
After Neji-niisan left, I started walking aimlessly out into the village, staring at my feet as I did.
Wh-what if they capture Naruto-kun?
What if I'm n-not st-strong enough to protect Naruto-kun?
I lost track of time as I allowed these thoughts to flood my mind, becoming more and more immersed in my own worry for Naruto-kun.
"Heey! Hinata-chan!"
"Heh?" I raised my head when I realized someone had called my name, only to have my gaze met with the bright blonde locks, beautiful blue eyes, and the shining smile of my beloved Naruto-kun.
"O-oh…H-hi Naruto-kun" I looked away with nervousness, a huge tingling growing in my stomach and legs, making my knees a little weak.
"Hehe so…did you get called in to granny Tsunade's office too?"
Naruto-kun spoke out scratching the back of his head while smiling with his eyes closed, something I recognized as Naruto-kun being bashful.
W-wait….i-is Naruto-kun nervous….because of m-me…? D-does Naruto-kun like me…?
Will he ask me out…?!
O-oh I haven't answered!
"U-um…I w-was right there w-with you N-naruto-kun…" I was so nervous that my voice could barely be heard.
"Heh…you were? I guess Kiba was distracting me too much heh heh"
Naruto-kun's words made me giggle, and at the same time I felt my body tingle more and more with every beat of my heart. Naruto-kun and I spent several moments in silence, which made me grow anxious and more nervous than I already was.
"Um…Hey Hinata-chan…about last night…"
A-about last night…maybe he changed his mind…?
"Wh-what about last night…?"
My voice came out sounding more discouraged than I had intended to, something which made me look away trying to hide my sad expression from Naruto-kun.
"I…well you know…"
Naruto-kun scratched the back of his head as he kicked the dirt and staring at his feet.
He's so cute…
"I'm sorry I kept you up so long…'cause um we talked until very early in the morning and um…"
As Naruto-kun spoke, he looked away from me, scratching his cheek nervously.
Here it comes…he'll probably say he just likes me as a friend…
"And um well…I'm also sorry our conversation got cut off by Neji…'cause um there was something I wanted to ask you…"
'Can we stay friends?'…I can see it now…
"I um…well…I just wanted to…um…Hinata-chan…"
As Naruto-kun spoke, he began to blush a bright red I had never seen across his face. His voice trembling with every word, he had his hands in his pockets, as he moved around impatiently.
"W-would you um…go out on a date with me…?"
H-huh? What did Naruto-kun just say…?
When I finally managed to process what Naruto-kun had said, a crimson blush shot through my face, making my knees wobble so much that Naruto-kun had to catch me before I fell face-first.
"H-hey! Are you alright?!"
"YES!" I yelled out with my eyes closed, blushing so much I could feel my head pulsating.
"I-I mean….y-yes…"
I had never burst out like that with Naruto-kun, what had just come over me…?
W-wait…N-naruto-kun is holding me... in his arms…
Naruto-kun was staring into my eyes; it was the first time he looked into my eyes without me looking away. The few moments we spent like that seemed like an eternity, we must have looked strange to anyone who saw us. But somehow it didn't matter to me who saw us in this strange position, all I cared about were the blue eyes staring right into mine, making me feel so warm I could have fallen asleep then and there in his arms.
"I-I'm sor-…"
"Don't mention it Hinata-chan, you saved my sorry butt. This is nothing compared to that."
Naruto-kun's voice had never sounded so soft and pleasing, I always loved to hear him yelling out his cute 'dattebayo', but somehow the way he sounded now was much more special like it was only meant for me.
What am I thin-…?
"Come on Hinata-chan! Let's go to Ichiraku for some ramen!"
"Hehe…s-sure Naruto-kun…"
He pulled me up to my feet and took my left hand with his, gripping tightly and pulling me away towards his favorite ramen shop. Naruto-kun was smiling widely, walking briskly as if feeling proud of something.
Teehee…Naruto-kun's hand is trembling…
"This is the perfect first date…" I whispered out to myself.
"Hmm? You say somethin' Hinata-chan?"
"heehee…its nothing Naruto-kun"
As we walked, I held my hand over my mouth to try and cover my giggling. Allowing the moment to sink in, I finally allowed myself to enjoy the things Naruto-kun was now doing for me.
Heheh maybe some of his spark is rubbing off on me…
It's finally here!! The very belated chapter 2 of my fanfiction
please forgive me for taking so long to write this hehe... ^^U
But it was a bit of a challenge! Because I am not very being a girl xD
This chapter is very filled with...blushing and...comic situations and so much....mushiness because i feel this would be a VERY emotional time for Hinata lol

Chapter 1 (PDF version)
Chapter 2: ---
Chapter 3

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Naruto, Hinata and any other character are property of Masashi Kishimoto (c)
Story belongs to me (c)

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Edit:I have uploaded a PDF version to my, for better reading.

I would like to point out that this girl here :iconmini-misty224: is my editor, she is responsible for quality control of this story, and she has written and re-written many parts and dialogues of this story. Without her, Secret Lovers would NOT be what it is. give her much love
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hehe i'm glad you enjoyed my work! chapter 3 is in the works as we speak! :)
XxBambigirl22xX Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
D'aaaw! This is so kawaii (cute)! Your doing a great job!
Kyoshi-M Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Thank you so much! and i understand japanese! hah xD
XxBambigirl22xX Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
ハハ、どういたしまして。I just never know if people know japanese or not so I just mention stuff just in case. XD
lerine95 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2011
is there gonna be a chapter 3? please say yes,
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